Dear readers,

So you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with this blog. It represents what are my ideas, usually how to push for success and how to think about doing stuff.
I’m pretty young and I put passion in a lot of things, maybe that’s what keeps me so motivated when I’m writing and when I invest a lot of time just to end up failing. I usually don’t want to talk about broad subjects, because my goal is to get people’s attention when it comes to financial education, to improve the know-how and to challenge the status quo.

I’m focused on finding new income streams, doing alternative things to improve my return of income without actually taking a lot of risks.

I can only hope that this blog will lead others on the same path as mine, or why not on an even greater one.
This blog is just my way of making a point across, opening up my portfolio and sharing info about finances and financial independence.

So who am I?

I’m Alex, I’m 25 and I currently work in e-commerce in a management position. I’m usually driven by curiosity and that keeps me self-motivated in whatever I’m doing. I’m doing a lot of side projects just to keep my curiosity active, but I’ll get into that later on…
I love what I do and probably passion helped me over time to actually push harder and harder. As nice as things are right now, I can assure you it was no picnic getting here, while I focused on improving my developer skills, I wasn’t paying that much attention at school.

Some of the guys reading this may be in the same shoes I was ten years ago, and to be more precise I was playing video games and hosting game servers.
And that’s what triggered me to get into programming, I was fascinated by the whole thing – creating things from scratch, making them work as you wanted to, that to me was the closest thing to a superpower that I could think of.
I had a local game server that turned out to be pretty popular, and I was always trying to add new things to it, making it better and better. So I eventually started to code more and more stuff and to get into more complicated problems.

That was my trigger, and that’s how I got into the amxmodx language, and it’s really cool that even after all these years I can still find some of my old plugins. You can check them out here.
It wasn’t enough for me though so really eager to learn more I started to learn PHP over the course of a school summer holiday. Pretty soon I started to make websites for others and wouldn’t you know it, I actually started to get paid for it.
Over the years I worked on a lot of websites (around the 100 + mark in case you were wondering), and because I was involved in so many projects I also learned a lot of new programming languages. However, none were so popular in the market as PHP.

From freelance work to my own business

Working on my own was fine and all but somehow I knew something was missing, so I started to peak my head out a little bit and started to pick freelance jobs that the competition would just not be able to tackle head on as I like to.
Nothing was more rewarding than succeeding where others have failed.
However, these kind of projects were few and far between so I decided to go on my first business venture with a friend of mine, and so we created an SEO company and we actually managed to rank our clients pretty fast in search engines.
The business was great but something didn’t click for me, I wasn’t challenged enough as the business was not for the local market so I decided to move on to something else.

My second attempt was with a SaaS startup, that worked very well but with time it began to have its toll on me as we were working around the clock, putting in more than 70 hours a week and I just felt I had less and less time to work on other projects or even have time for myself really.
I developed the business as much as I could and after two years of hard work I decided to sell the business for a very nice profit. I still believe it was the right thing to do as I truly believe I was not heading in the right direction in my career.

How I got into financial education?

I truly believed that I needed to learn more about corporations so I took the decision to take on a regular full-time paying job in a big company. I really wanted to see firsthand the inner workings of a corporation and improve myself. In the beginning, I looked for a mentor to help me along my path, as it’s quite difficult, especially in the beginning, to figure out everything on your own.You sometimes need a slap on the wrist when you’re going the wrong way, or pat on the back to let you know that you’re starting to get the hang of things. I was full of ideas and ambition but I seemed to hit a brick wall, as that mentor never appeared. So what did I do? I turned to studying. Books became my best friend as I started to get into financial education, and learn more and more from the great minds of the past and present. Now that I think about it, not having a mentor was a great kick in the rear that pushed me to rely on myself and to seek answers. Maybe the great minds that I speak of never had mentors themselves and they managed to turn out very well in the end. I guess there is a lesson for all of us here – knowledge is power, and to achieve that power you must seek answers to what you want to achieve.

Looking forward

I hope I’ll be focused in the future as I am today, because financial independence takes planning.
I know that money won’t  increase my current state of happiness that much, but it’s going to be  way easier for me to reach some of my other goals.

It’s also true that happiness comes in simple things, but financial stability makes everything a lot easier.
That’s the goal I’ve set for myself and I hope to share my thoughts and ideas with you here on this simple blog.
Maybe we can achieve that goal together.