April net-worth update

April was a really busy month for me, I felt that I needed a holiday and this only happens to me when I’m close to burnout. I took some time to disconnect and I got back on track. I tend to think that if I “need” to rest or go on a holiday, then I’m doing something wrong.

Sometimes I like to remind myself why I’m working so hard, I’m gathering my thoughts on what I want to achieve and why I want to continue. I feel empowered to know that I can accomplish more even if I could stay and do nothing.

I think that goals are important, helps me focus and channel all my energy towards them. In case you want some goals for your financial life, here 3 levels of financial independence for you to pursuit:

  1. don’t worry about bills
  2. don’t worry about restaurant meals cost
  3. don’t worry about the holiday cost

Don’t confuse passive income that’s paying for those costs with the salary from a full-time job. Gaining passive income just to pay the bills it’s a big challenge for someone that’s starting fresh. Moreover, paying off debt first is a big step by itself.

Now let me share with you my net worth this month:

This month my net-worth increased by a modest 4.68%. I like to see that number growing and slowly increasing my net-worth over time.

Crypto increased quite a bit in my chart and that’s the new part, real estate is pending for a sale, but it will probably take me another 2 months to get over with it.

The algorithm for trading brings a nice and steady income, but it’s far from a stable and autopilot version. My goal right now is to improve my algorithm to get better opportunities and to act manually with my investments.

P2P update

The overall growth of my P2P investments reached 1.59% this month. You can see that my exposure is quite small in the P2P area with only 3.7% out of the whole asset. The reason behind this is that I need to reduce the platform risk of failure or bankruptcy and to do that I have to find more platforms where I could invest safely.

Envestio this month investments appreciated with 2.21% followed up by Grupeer with 1.47 and after that Mintos with 1.31%. I like how this is going and I’m going to research and see what other platforms are available for my investment style.

This is my update for this month net-worth, let’s keep it simple!

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