April net worth update

The first month when I have to report a loss, it’s sad but I kind of expected it to happen at one point. Because the exposure in cryptocurrencies was pretty large, with the recent market correction I lost some of the value of my coins. I haven’t actually sold any in the market crash, I will hold them for longer periods.

My cryptocurrencies value suffered a 51% loss, but I’m fine with that and I thought it may happen at one point. The high volatility in this market shows you how things can change from one month to another, it’s no joke. Learn from my mistakes and don’t talk about something if you don’t have skin in the game.

Detailed view of asset allocation in April

You can see how the loss from crypto actually affected my whole net worth, this means that I was too exposed in that area.

My goal was lower the money standing still, yet I didn’t do a good job, so my plan is to lower in the near future and maybe to pay off some of the credit. The great part having a net worth is that it’s easy to track down the progress and how things are standing in the long term.

In case you have suggestions for my net worth, feel free to ask.

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