Blog is moving to a new platform!

Hey everyone, I would like to announce you that this blog will be moved to another platform and this website will be used to start a fresh new business.

I want to take my successful investment ideas and to put them to work for others as well, that’s why I am creating a business. I am moving my blog to Medium platform┬áso that I can still keep track of my goals independent from my website. Thank you for following me for such a long time!

What made me change my mind with the blog

This blog has been such a great way to talk about my financial experiments and to track my progress towards my financial freedom, but as time passed I knew I wanted to do more with my website than to be just another financial blogger.

That’s why I decided to work towards a web-based service, I plan to create a crowdfunding platform to purchase digital assets such as e-commerce, affiliate websites, Saas products, and other fintech related.

I’ll be able to do the hard work with my current expertise and help others invest in the digital assets. I’m not referring to crypto if that’s what you have in your mind, if you are familiar with my previous posts you’ll know that I’ve experienced with and that I got out because I didn’t see it as a long-term investment.

What do I plan to do next with this website?

After testing investing in websites for quite a few years I figured out on what should be my focus point and how to make a website profitable over the long term. Learning how to do this wasn’t easy and I know that I have the competitive over the competitors to do this.

From what I know this will be the first of a kind platform that’s combining peer to peer lending and website investments inside a single platform.

I’ll create a team to handle all the marketing and development operations required for the websites to maintain their current profitability levels.

That is what I have planned for the next year and that’s why I decided to move this blog to another platform and to re-use this website for my business. Thanks for reading in the past year this blog, I hope you have an amazing year!

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