Bulkestate review

Hey folks, this will be a quick review for now 🙂

In my quest to find another p2p investment platform I found Bulkestate, a real estate crowd, and group-buying platform.

Bulk estate investment available.

This month they have a special offer, for new investors and that deal influenced my decision as well.

What attracted me to this platform is that they have been around since 2016 and they have a good track record of investments in the real estate area. I wanted to diversify my portfolio into more p2p because they offer advantageous annual returns.

The average return rate on this platform is at 14.24%, for me what’s over 12% percent is a great return when it has a small risk.

This month’s deal

This month they had an investment deal that paid 17% (annualized) and the term of investment was for 9 months. I invested a small amount to see how it goes over time.

The cool stuff about this deal is that they have an additional 1% incentive payment if you invest over 10k euros, and a 2% incentive payment if you invest over 25k euros. That’s a good deal, but be advised that you still get exposed to a risk so my advice would be to invest less than 20% of your portfolio with this platform if you like them.

When I’ll invest more in this platform

My strategy is to balance the investments on a monthly basis and to allocate more funds when things are going fine. This is not the best strategy over long term, but it’s something that has good results.

With each month that passes, I’ll re-evaluate how this platform does and I’ll decide if I should increase my investments with them.

I’ll make sure to keep all the updates in this post so that, over time, you can follow my progress under one post.

If you want to join this platform, you can click here.

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