December net-worth update is here!

I can’t emphasize how important it is to be consistent with your savings and investments, it will have a compounding effect over time. You won’t realize how fast you will reach your goals once you persist and focus each day towards that.

In my case, I’ve blown out my own expectations using that advice alone. This year has been probably such a blessing following that rule, you can see from my monthly net worth reports that I’m not doing an amazing job when it comes to my investments, I could do much better. I have debts and money is still pilling up into my account without earning any interest. Even with my bad investments and fun experiments in crypto, I was able to increase my net worth to over 51% this year alone!

It’s crazy how time flies, I started pursuing financial independence 4 years ago and it was such a great ride so far!

This year I quit my manager job at a big corporation and decided to go on my own with my investments. Having a normal job and working hard for some years it has a big toll on your lifestyle that I didn’t realize until I quit.

With the new lifestyle on my hand, I had to reset to be able to re-discover myself. The stress in the corporation world vanished overnight and I had “free time” to enjoy my lifeā€¦ yet I didn’t.

Working less and earning more sounds great, just that I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing, so I had to do some changes to make my life great again. I started running and doing more physical exercises without going to the gym, that increased my motivation to do more.
I remembered that I always enjoyed programming, I started by coding ‘fun’ things in games and that got me into web development. I went back to my roots, started coding my own projects but that didn’t seem to fulfill my hunger to do more, so I looked for something else.

In my quest of discovering something useful to do and to raise my income I found a new job that I enjoy, one that’s fulfilling. Now I am coding something meaningful and it’s not as stressfull as a manager job, moreover I get to impact millions of shipments on a monthly basis with what I am doing.
Even if I don’t have to work for a living I am still doing it because that’s something I find meaningful currently in my mind. I am planning on trying other personal projects as well.

Let’s get to the December numbers

I still have a lot of money on my hands doing nothing as you can see in the chart from above, but that’s something that I planned to do. I keep it in case I have a buyer showing up for my apartment that’s for sale. I still have a mortgage and I don’t plan to pay it ahead unless I find a determined buyer. If I don’t like the offers for this apartment, then what I’ll do is to rent it and explore how it is to be a landlord.

Savings rate

Another great month, my savings rate is at 67.6% and I want to improve it even more next year. My goal is to pay in advance one of my credits and to be less exposed to risk.

Consistency is the key when it comes to financial independence and I hope my blog may impact you in a positive way towards your goals.

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