Driven by the fear of missing out

The motivation behind my efforts is fueled by an inner fear of missing out. Instead of focusing on the pleasures of life and enjoying myself, I’m constantly pushing my limits. I am gradually becoming more and more stressed out.
I have achieved financial independence 3 months ago but I continue to go to work as always. It may sound absurd that I’m still working full time and still a workaholic. I’m actually not an advocate for the 120h/week schedule but I do believe in working hard and working smart. The truth is that I can’t find the strength to abandon my team when I find so much joy and fulfillment in helping them accomplish great things.

Reaching my life goals way too fast?

My fear of missing out
I’m thinking that it’s quite weird that I reached what I planned in less than 3 years and I’m still afraid of letting go. Most probably, the main factor is that from my initial calculations I assumed that I will have to work hard for the next 7 years which was a really long term. Time is flying really fast and I’ve optimized a lot of things. I had to take some extra risk an I started investing in new things and that’s how I was able to reach FI faster.

I’m lucky that I’m working as a technical manager in the IT sector, it’s a well-paid position and it helped a lot. Moreover, I’m taking advantage of the low costs of living in the Eastern Europe and I was able to achieve close to an 80% percent savings rate in some months, which I know it’s absurd when you consider that’s just from a single income source and that’s the salary. In the previous months, I started investing more aggressively because I wanted some superior gains instead of the average market returns. Since S&P 500 indices aren’t an option to me, due to the high taxes in my country, I had to find new sources of income.

I’ve just read the article “first year of freedom” from madfientist and it’s a great article and I really admire this guy. He had the guts to go out and experiment after reaching FI. No longer money counts as much in his life and he started changing his way of living a lot.

My new goal right now is to keep myself out of the comfort zone by investing even more aggressively by seeking out for new opportunities. Diversifying the portfolio and focusing on my fear of missing out I will probably be able to get a better return of my hard earned money.

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