End goal

A common goal vs an end goal

Many are messing up the definition of the end goal, so I had to add it in here to make sure that we’re on the same page.
The end goal is defined by an outcome where you’re unwilling to compromise.
On the other hand, a common goal can define many paths which you could take to the end goal.

Financial independence as your end goal

I see this desire for financial independence for many out there, but I’m not recommending as your end goal. I’m not implying to not be focused on financial independence, just that you should set it as one of the goals to your end goal.

You could focus on your passion and set it as your end goal. That way, you could be focused on your long-term objective and to achieve it you may also need to have a goal to reach financial independence.

In my case, I like to do all sorts of experiments while developing. There are plenty of opportunities because it’s a complex world. Sadly, right now I can’t do that as much as I want because I don’t enough time due to my full-time job.

Passion vs duty

Sometimes we just have to do what we know better, that may not be our passion or our hobby. We’re not all that lucky to be able to follow our passion and to get paid enough while doing it, but that’s OK. I’m a strong believer that if we’re doing what we know best, we can still focus on our passions, just that they will come later…

How focused are you on your end goal and what is it?

Most of us aren’t working for us, we just like to work for others. We don’t spend a lot on educating ourselves and we miss on opportunities. Just by doing 1% every day could lead to a very nice increase in a period of a year. For example 1.01 at the power of 365 equals 37.88, it’s almost a 38x increase.

You can start today to work towards your end goal.

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