July net-worth

I’m a little late with the net-worth update for the previous month, I have been so busy that I didn’t even have to come up with an update early in the month.
After working on my own for the past 5 months, an opportunity came for me to work as a contractor and this really skyrocketed my net-worth in the previous month by a big percent of 9.09.

It’s a lot of work that I’m doing now, in a week the norm was 13 – 14 hours a day. I got back to doing this as my passion and solving problems seems to be one of the things that I’m good at. All of that work has a big impact on my portfolio as well, so I’m thinking that this is a win-win situation.

Nobody likes bad news, me neither, but things happen all the time. One of my affiliate websites was going to have it’s the best month to date… and I got a Google penalty, it’s ironic how things turn around :).
I’ll get that penalty out somehow, but this proves a point that digital assets have a higher risk than other assets and that’s why I’m considering right now diversify my portfolio with some other types of assets.

Here’s the chart with my assets split in percentages:

If you will consider that I want to get out of stocks as well, you’ll notice that I have a big chunk of money that’s just sitting there getting eaten slowly by the inflation. I still haven’t found any good investments opportunities right now. My thoughts were to check if I can expand even more in the real estate, but the prices are way too high and it’s not worth the stress and that’s why I am thinking of focusing on just gathering right now and maybe allocating a small amount into various p2p platforms like Envesio.

This is my update for this month, I’ll keep you informed as soon as I have some ideas on what I may invest next.

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