Late May net-worth update

I’m late to the party… as always, but better later than never with this late post about the May net-worth update.

Net worth increased by 2.89%, that’s with a small twist because I had to lend some money to a friend of mine. The sum wasn’t substantial, so I must admit that I lacked self-discipline and I didn’t do a good job this month increasing the net-worth.

The net-worth chart for May:

Maybe you are wondering like I do, why I keep so much money not invested, and the reason is quite simple… I didn’t find good enough assets in which I could invest and 2nd reason is that I’m liquidating my stocks portfolio, turning it liquid to go into other ventures.

I will expand investing into p2p real-estate and even more p2p, plus playing with the crypto bots because I like to be active in that area for the thrill of it.

I’m including preparing for a bigger event in the middle of August when I’ll decide if I’ll get back or not into stocks because I noticed a nice pattern which could turn profitable for me. The exposure shouldn’t be above 20% of my portfolio even if it’s a great investment opportunity because I want to be more diversified since we are at the end of the bull cycle.

Savings rate: 69.44%

I really want to see my savings rate closer to 75%, but unsurprisingly it is quite the challenge to get there without a lot of sacrifices.

I’ll keep it short and to the point this time, I have already missed my deadline so it’s better to publish this as fast as possible for you guys.

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