March net-worth update

Considering that it’s 1st of April, I almost played myself when I forgot about some extra funds that were omitted in one of my accounts. Without those extra funds, my net-worth was going thru a negative growth this month and I kind of got alarmed.

I keep records on a monthly basis with my net-worth and I have a different spreadsheet to cover my monthly expenses which is more detailed. That’s how I was able to backtrack my mistake and to fix my mistake.

It’s important to continually keep track of all your finances so that you can be in check with reality. Sometimes you may have to deal with a hard truth that you didn’t do a great job in a month, but all of that helps you steer towards success and financial independence in case you haven’t reached it yet.

Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s better to pay off debt or to invest, and if you want to take action, now it’s the time. I’m in the process of paying off the debt that I have remaining and I’m accelerating that process. Keeping track with my spreadsheets help me with the finances and knowing from where I can take additional money without affecting my savings rate too much.

March-net worth chart

Net-worth growth 4.08%, that’s quite a mediocre increase comparing this with my previous growth. I will be looking at other ways to improve it for my upcoming months, without a big exposure on my capital.

Training to trade better and learning from the past mistakes got me this month my biggest winner doing crypto trading. I was able to increase my crypto portfolio by 18.06% but it was something exceptional due to markets being bullish this month. I’m investigating ways of automating my trading style and to see if I can scale it better.

Right now the big earnings are because I’m trading highly volatile coins and the issue with them is that they have a fairly low volume. I’m able to trade over 1% of the stock on a daily basis and that’s why I’m looking at other ways to expand. There will be a cost automating my trading and that’s in profit gained from trading, but it will allow me to scale much further than what I am currently doing.

P2P reviews in February

I was able to gain a 1.2% profit this month with the biggest winner Envestio followed up by Grupeer platform. Due to the fact that I’m converting from EUR to USD I usually end up with lower profits than what they actually are, so I started tracking P2P in euro currency to have more accuracy in my numbers.

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