March net-worth update

This month took me by surprise, I’m feeling like a time traveler. There’s a saying that time flies when you are having fun, I’m sure that wasn’t the case for me. I forgot how hard it was to get things from 0 to somewhere and I even forgot to eat in some of the days when I worked up to 14 hours. It wasn’t bad, but sometimes things just don’t work as you planned.

I was under the impression that once I’ll leave the corporate world that I’ll have plenty of time to read and to do other things that I’m enjoying but it seems that I wasn’t about to slow down. I also expected a stress-free environment and that didn’t happen either.

I’m not spending as much time in traffic now and I don’t have to be up at a certain hour either, in the charge of my program and that means I’m more in control of the things that I want to do. That’s fine but I’m still stressed and I figured out from where it comes and it takes some time probably to get used to it. I’m not having a steady fixed income each month and that gives me some fear over what actions should I do and how cautious should I become with each investment.

Why I haven’t posted recently

I haven’t been posting recently because of me working at my 3rd website where I’m creating an MVP(minimum viable product) related to a cloud industry business. I want to test if there’s a market for my idea and if I can transform it into a business.

March net-worth

Finally we have website #2 in the assets chart, it was a good month but there are still plenty of things to do. I haven’t maximised my P2P lending group too much after I figured out that I may want to keep some capital in my pockets for the startup marketing campaigns.

Detailed view:

Some observations about my investments:

  • Stocks took the biggest hit this month, there’s a lot of volatility but I’m not really afraid of what’s going on in there. In 3 months I’ll be cashing out 7%-11% dividends if no major events will disrupt that.
  • Hardware section was increased because of the high returns out of the investment. I’m sure that this won’t last forever, but currently, no other investments even approach the yield generated in this section and that’s why I decided to allocate a little more in that area.
  • Money still has a huge percent on my list and I need to further decrease it to improve my income. Sadly, due to inflation, I’m actually losing money month after month if I keep them like this.

Overall I increased my assets by a 2.41% and I’m really pleased to see that overall the things are going well.
For the next month, I’m planning to invest even more and to do a trial with my new MVP and to see if I’ll have a startup or not 🙂

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