Mintos p2p platform investing review

After more than 2 years of investing in mintos platform, I decided to create a review regarding their p2p lending investing profitability.

As a disclaimer, I’ll be adding my affiliate links in this post, in case someone wants to join I’ll get a 1% commission.

Join mintos

I didn’t start with a bulk amount of money, because back then this platform wasn’t as big and I didn’t know if they were serious or not. I invested gradually added more and more funds at a steady pace in the platform and now I like to think I’ll invest even more until I’ll reach a point when my utility bills will be paid directly from this source of income alone.

Should you invest in a p2p lending platform?

I think that joining them it’s a great low-risk high reward kind of thing, you don’t really have to do that much comparing it with the stock market and you can set it on autopilot. Moreover, you have different currencies which you can add in the platform, buying credit at great rates, and making over 10% a year is a good return from my point of view because it’s beating the stock market. It’s true that you won’t have the upside that the stock market has, but if you look at the average return which somewhere close to the 7.5% annually in the stocks, you will highly value a consistent 10% year over year.

The biggest returns in this platforms were on EUR, with a 13.4% annualized return and in this currency are the majority of the lending contracts available.

Don’t invest the majority of your networth

Keep your portfolio diversified enough so that in case there’s a new crisis you won’t be affected too hard by this. Depending on how much you have accumulated, 10% – 25% of your net worth can be allocated here.

I hope this insight about this platform will help you create another source of income for a long term.

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