My net worth exposed

It’s early February and after receiving some feedback from my visitors I decided to be more open with you guys and actually showing you my net worth.

The first week when I’m no longer working and it’s not quite what I expected, it’s not boring because I have what to do but I feel I’m not as productive as I was at the workplace.
I decided to give you an insight into to net worth and to keep it updated from time to time to see if I’m performing or not.

What is net worth?

For those who don’t know, net worth is the amount by which assets exceed liabilities. Simply put, the value of all the assets into one place.

Net worth numbers behind the scene

I have to add some details in here, first of all, I calculated the debt with the additional interest at the end of the period. Even if the house mortgage is the biggest one that’s actually one of the smallest debts with a great interest rate while the website debt has ~9-11% APR and fewer years.

Net worth piechart by assets

Good debt and bad debt

There’s good debt and bad debt and I’ll explain after showing my income what I took into consideration. I have multiple investments in different areas and the good thing about is that I found different things which I should fix.

Net worth efficiency

My goal this year is to increase my net worth by 32% and I’ll be doing that by reducing my exposure to the debt, it can act as a double edge sword and right now I don’t plan to be on the other end.

What I found interesting

Even if I’m keeping monthly income reports of what comes in and what goes out by each category, I never knew I had money that doesn’t do anything and the bad part is that due to inflation they actually end up losing if I keep them like that. I’ll have to reinvest them better and to get rid of the hardware debt because that’s the most expensive in terms of cash flow and it’s easy to remove it.

My total debt to total assets should go down, right now it’s at $94,634/$151,127 = 0.62% and it’s going to be a good indicator of how well I’m doing in the future.

My plan to improve my net worth

  • Double/triple my investment in p2p lending
  • Get rid of hardware debt by the end of the year
  • Website 2 debt decrease by $4000 by the end of the year

What do you think of my plan and of my investments so far?

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