Portfolio rebalance and February net-worth update

February month was full of surprises for me. I paid the mortgage on my apartment on full and I took the liberty to update my portfolio and to rebalance it.

Crypto trading ended badly

First things first, going thru what I planned in January. My crypto trading adventure ended badly, I had blown out my trading account because I didn’t trade like a pro. The platform that I used didn’t let me use stop loss and I just did a mistake after another and that combined with leverage ended up badly for me. This is bad, because with my previous trading style when I went low I was able to achieve 14% growth in a month. All those earnings went to zero, but I’m glad I did listen to some of my rules and not trade with anything that I couldn’t afford to lose.

Surprise nr 1 – extra money laying around

I’ve always paid something extra towards my mortgage account because I wanted to be “safe” in case I’ll ever be in trouble and I won’t be able to pay on time. Luckily, over the years the account grew quite a lot and I was able to accumulate quite some savings in that account without me even realising that I had that much capital in there just sitting.

Surprise nr 2 – mortgage payments cut down

Paying in advantage mortgage meant that I had to pay a lower interest towards the bank, I knew this of course, but I didn’t imagine that the gap will be that big. I was able to save over $$.$$$ in interest alone just by paying upfront.

Now the bad part

I recalculated and adjusted all my websites worth after a year, both of my websites had lost their initial value and depreciated due to the fact that sales have slowed.

The biggest loss took place when my second website that relied heavily on SEO received a Google penalty which I can’t figure out how to remove. My earnings dropped really hard and probably the website will never get back on track as it was before.

Asset composition in February

Despite the crypto loss and websites worth rebalance I was still able to gain a 5.97% increase in my net-worth which is still a great month.

Savings rate slowed down due to the same reason as I mentioned above, but it’s going well in my book 59.27%.

P2P reviews in February

P2P portfolio increased by 0.86% this month and I’ll go into details with each of the platforms bellow.

Monestro platform isn’t doing well, they have quite a few loans and it seems that their borrowers are paying late usually. This happened to me with 3 loans so far and I’m expecting this trend to continue.

Mintos seems to be far behind with the loans paying, I’ve seen only a small 0.34% increase in my portfolio. It may be because I always convert from EUR to USD in my excel spreadsheet, but even so, the gain is way too small for me to invest further.

Envestio has great rates and I’ve been paid over and over, but sadly they lack the number of projects and you will have money just sitting around in the account. This month I had a great 0.88% increase which is great.

Reinvest24 is the newest platform that I’m going to keep track from now on. Sadly the project where I invested wasn’t fully funded so it’s too early to draw any conclusions.

Grupeer is the biggest surprise this month, with an increase of 1.59% it’s one of the best returns so far in P2P.

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