Review of Eastern European dream

I decided to experiment and to test other publication websites to see how my content will rank there and if I’ll be able to find a new audience at the cost of not having total access in that platform (since it’s owned).

In case you’ve missed my article, here’s what I wrote this week the Eastern European dream. It’s an idea of how good the millennials have it, it’s something they can so easily achieve in the Eastern Europe, something called financial independence.

The reasoning behind the article title

Because I wanted to have a catchy name with a catchy idea, I sold it to the public as the Eastern European dream, because that’s way simpler than telling people about what financial independence is.

The main idea

I know that financial education in Europe is really low, my point was to try and give some ideas to the general public that there’s another way besides the go to work and home routine. Pensions are a big fud in my eyes, especially when you combine it with a low birth rate.

The future doesn’t look so bright if you consider all the factors and what implications are there, that’s why I want to talk and present alternatives. You can be in control, you just have to take actions and to put more time in your own education… read and learn from books, blogs and most of all don’t consider a University or a College the only way of learning.

I’m open to questions, shout out in the comments if you want to learn more.

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