September net-worth update!

This is a Mid-month net-worth update!

September is another great month on my calendar, with a net worth increase of 6.07%.

I have been traveling way more in the past month and I had some unexpected medical issues to take care of but I was eager to write about my progress. I decided that it’s time to come up with my net worth update after I solved my minor health issue.

Looking back to February when I started creating the charts and opening my assets to the public, I realized how much some of the things changed. Asset management is a never-ending activity, and things were quite volatile in my portfolio.
In my goals to allocate money in some other investments, I took the liberty to analyze how my portfolio changed since February.


Net worth in September 1st

Net worth update from in September 2018

Reflecting on crypto

Crypto suffered the most dramatic change in my portfolio from 8.8% in February back to 2.4% of my total portfolio. I think that investments up to 10% can take more risk and you are fine, but when you see a trend that’s not going in the desired direction I consider that it’s better to take appropriate action.
I can’t believe how much crypto went down in the past months, but because I was aware that I had too much exposure I’m glad that I took action and I lowered my investments in that area.


Growing my P2P exposure

Back in September when I started displaying my net worth, the P2P area had only a 1.8% of the total allocation. Today, that area has a total of 1.9% allocated, after growing my net worth all this time. Why I am considering increasing the funding in this area is due to the stability and that the returns are consistent and above the stock market average return.

The trouble I am facing is finding multiple platforms to invest that have a consistent return rate above the stock market average, I’m shooting for a consistent 12% yearly across a minimum of 10 platforms to minimize the risk.

In the past month, I allocated 100 euros to the Envestio platform, I loved the fact that we had an interview with the COO and that they were open from the start. I went ahead and invested another 1900 euros this month and I’ll think if I’ll invest even more with them because of the high return rates that they provide.

You can check my interview with Eugene from Envestio here.


Saving rate

I’m introducing something new in my calculations, the active saving rate that I have on a monthly basis!
This is important because I’ll be able to give you an insight on how much I’m able to save and if I’m efficient when I’ll be looking at a yearly rate.
Current month saving rate is 64%.

My goal is to reach 70% this year and I plan to do that once I’ll close one of my active credits.

What’s next?

  • Increase P2P exposure
  • Find at least two more P2P platforms where I can diversify my P2P portfolio
  • Sell more of the remaining crypto to lower exposure even more

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