Time to go on my own

Holiday season
Happy holidays everyone!

I hope you are having fun and that you are prepared for the upcoming year.

For me this was a moment when I decided to take a leap forward and go on my own. After all, it’s useless to go and do all this hard work without seeing an end to it.

On my own journey

There were many things that happened in the past month and this is an update on what happened. I decided to finally take the big step and to quit my well paid full-time and to get even more leverage by getting more debt from the bank.

I’ll be more open with you, my readers, to get a sense of how are things. My biggest motivation is fear, and that’s why I even got into debt at first because I didn’t get any more “happiness” from work and I was working without a plan after reaching my financial independence this year.


Quitting a well paid full-time job

According to the national stats, with my current job, I was in the top 0.75% of the population according to salary. Hard work, negotiating skills, being humble got me to where I am today and I assume some luck was also involved.

Why quit when everything looks so nice on paper?
Well, I felt like really stressed out and I wasn’t even able to sleep at nights, that’s the package that came with my management role. I feel that I pushed hard and it’s for nothing and it’s a disappointment for me.
And if that wasn’t enough, in the past quarter, there was more and more micromanagement that got me to a point that made me so sick of even going to work…

I did try out many things and I was able to achieve great results, yet, they didn’t seem to matter as much as why someone was taking too many cigar breaks for example.

I’m well aware of the fact that people efficiency should be really high in a company, but when creative work is required I believe that we should have a degree of autonomy as well. This works well in an environment where results are expected instead of counting every individual action.

I’m now in the process of quitting my current job and going, full-time investor and blogger. I’m really glad that with my other income streams I’m able to pursue my dreams and I had this option to do something that I like.


Taking more debt

I think it’s still a good time to leverage even more before the borrowing rates are growing even more. That’s why I took an extra $24k in debt and I’m planning to make my next investment.
I’ll most probably purchase another website that’s in the affiliate niche, I like to connect sellers to the products that they want and love and I’m pretty sure that there are many things that can be done in this area.

I’ll still have a salary for 1-2 months and this is going to help me smooth out some things and prepare for the future.


What’s next?

I’m actively looking for other investments right now and I’m in the process of buying a website. I think that 2018 will can be a great year for me and I have many ideas of what to do next.

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