Work hard and work smart

In my previous article, I discussed my investing strategy that I’m using in my investments. I didn’t come up with it, I naturally went that way after getting churned in one of my previous attempts. As time passed by I gained more experience by trying out new things which resulted in more wealth generated.

I got inspired by what others are doing and reading many business-oriented¬†books helped me a lot. Getting inspired by what the top 1% are doing, made me change my way of investing as well and probably my lifestyle. It may be an evolution or maybe I’m treating my investments with a mature view. I’m not sure exactly what it is that changed but I’m seeing a positive result after more than 2 years of keeping a constant eye on my investing habits. This was something that bothered me, what changed in my past 2 years that accelerated my growth?

I’m better prepared or so I want to believe and this results in more confidence to try out new things.

What were the factors that really influenced this growth?

  1. Following an investment strategy
  2. Reading what others are doing
  3. Doing the hard work by trying out new things

Hard work matters more than you think

Hard work
Even if it’s the 3rd step on my list, that’s where 70%-90% of the time will be allocated. That’s why, I would like to focus on the last thing, working hard.

While steps 1 and 2 are factors that involve “smart work”, the 3rd step is where most of us will fail. I have to admit that sometimes I fail as well,¬†It’s taking me too much from thoughts to action. It’s not that we don’t see opportunities, it’s that we’re not actually doing the hard work that’s required to get from 0 to success.

Rig setup and troubleshooting
My crypto mining experience can be a good example, while everyone was on holiday I worked for 12 hours straight trying to figure out what why I had some issue with some of my rigs.
After many, many different attempts I got it working. Again, it took about ~12 hours but I did it my way, it was really frustrating.
Was the effort worth it? Sure it was, I’m making $$ passive daily now thanks to the hard work that I’ve put back then.

Failure is an option

Embrace failure and you will be able to get more things done. It’s not that you shouldn’t care if you fail or not, but you need to have failure as an option in your plan. Usually, the worst that it can happen is that things won’t work and you will just do something else.
Instead of giving you plenty of examples where I put hard work and everything went fine… I will give you examples when things just didn’t work out.

Failing is for me an option and it’s helping me to move forward. I’m pretty successful in what I’m doing now thanks to all my other failures.
Last week I spent a lot of time negotiating a website, I had skype calls, emails, website analysis, SEO background checks… plenty of hours involved.
After all those investigations and back and forth discussions I decided that it’s going to be a good investment for me.
I negotiated with the webmaster and we agreed on an 8% discounted price, everything fine. Everything went fine and all it was left for me to do was to send money.
On the weekend I got an email when the seller mentioned that he sold the website to someone else.

All my effort was for nothing and now I had another problem with the money that was partially sent. I didn’t get the website and I was stuck with another problem to fix, which I did during this week (sort of). Even if I failed this time that doesn’t mean it was a complete waste of my time. I’m supporting failure because I always learn something new and I find something that will be useful in future.


When was the last time when you failed?

Leave it in the comments and please mention what did you learn from that experience?

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