Zcash minning rig

In my previous post, I said about going with crypto mining and I had the chance to create my own rig and to experiment.
I’ve seen the recent crash in the bitcoin price which affected the whole market and that’s why I was suspicious if I should go with this path or do something else.

I’m not someone who goes by his feelings, and when it comes to financial planning I take my time considering if it’s worth the risk and if it’s an investment or a sinkhole. Some plans never turn out how you want them to be and in case

This is my first rig, I got inspired from other web designs and that’s how I got to mine.
I wanted something easy to work with, so I went with a wooden frame in my first version.
I bought 4x Nvidia GTX 1080ti cards which I know they will pull out of the wall 1kw/hour without the motherboard. So for that, I bought a 1250w PSU.

ZCash mining rig

The rig doesn’t look fancy, but that’s not the main purpose 🙂
After almost a month of mining I had to face a lot of issues with the rig, it wasn’t constantly mining and from time to time windows crashed. I have random periods of downtime and it requires maintenance.
After more than a month I finally figured out what was the issue. I haven’t created any new blogs because I was kind of lazy and busy at the same time with this small venture.
figured out in my latest attempt what was the cause, a faulty HDD was sabotaging my mining operation…

It’s a painful process and it took a lot of time to get things right because there’s always something that doesn’t work exactly as is supposed to.

Hope this gives you an insight of what I was doing in the past month.

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