Asset token

Asset token represents a digital quant trading fund that takes the best parts from DeFi and CeFi. The funds are invested in arbitrage opportunities to get maximum yield with minimum risk.

The monthly profits generated from trading are reinvested into the Asset token to create a deflationary system with organic growth.


Quantitative strategy

Our quantitative trading recognizes inefficiencies in the market and capitalizes on them by providing liquidity where is needed.

Market maker

Our market-making strategies are providing liquidity in the markets, making them more efficient. We are investing in delta-neutral strategies that have low risk combined with small leverage between 1x to 3x.

Our objective

Our objective is to create a token that has intrinsic value because it will be backed by stablecoins that are autocompounding.

How does it work?

1: Finding opportunities

Our quantitative trading bots will identify the most inefficient markets based on multiple factors and we will rank them accordingly.

2: Open delta-neutral trade

Open multiple delta-neutral trades based on the ranking provided by our quantitative research.

3: Profit

Provide liquidity, balance the markets and generate profits in the process. Once the market was corrected we will close our trade and repeat the process.

Fund strategy overview

The process

  • Staking with a timelock will mint ASSET tokens 1:1 with the profits generated in a stablecoin
  • Stablecoins will be autocompounded to generate additional income
  • The additional income is used to buy back ASSET token to increase it's value

Profits distribution

  • 80% buyback ASSET tokens
  • 10% infrastructure
  • 10% team