How does it work?

1: Finding opportunities

Our quantitative trading bots will identify the most inefficient markets based on multiple factors and we will rank them accordingly.

2: Open delta-neutral trade

Open multiple delta-neutral trades based on the ranking provided by our quantitative research.

3: Profit

Provide liquidity, balance the markets and generate profits in the process. Once the market was corrected we will close our trade and repeat the process.

Fund overview

The process

  • IDO with 10m limited coin supply

  • Profits generated are used to buy back ASSET token and to increase the traded funds

  • Provide liquidity for our token

  • Monthly P&L sent out via the newsletter

Monthly profits distribution

  • 10% infrastructure

  • 20% team

  • 35% reinvested in the fund capital

  • 35% buyback ASSET tokens